Sobre Nós

 CAT-Link was started in 2003 to provide the best sourcing service for our customers in Africa. CAT-Link is sourcing products in China with good value for the money. Since our start with sales in Africa, CAT-Link has expanded to sales in other parts of the world - China-Africa, China-Asia, China-America Trade Link.
With 7 years of experience, CAT-Link has become a comprehensive international trade organization. We have professional & technical team and stable & large sales network, has established long-term strategic cooperation with many customers overseas, such as United States, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Denmark. Our aim is to supply our clients in Africa and the rest of the world with products of good quality at affordable prices.

Why us?
LOW COST- Instead of having a lot of people come to China to search, inspect, and supervise from one factory to another, which cost a lot of money, with us you save those money for more products and develop your business;

LOW RISK – Sometimes you can not know the exact situation of the factory due to the long distance, you might face the difficulties of finding new suppliers when the old ones have problems. This may cause the breakdown of your supply-chain. With us, you will never have this problem, because we have a large number of reliable suppliers;

PROFESSIONAL – With 7 years of working experience in the Chinese market, we have gathered plenty of experience dealing with the suppliers, local government, customs, etc.. We can have better price, full control of the procedure and the professional staff to make sure the products you ordered are delivered to your satisfaction.

UNDERSTANDING – We understand our clients. No matter big one or small, our clients are always our focus. We will never refuse our clients because of small quantities. Your profit is our priority.